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Choose For Change is working to end global poverty by supporting PartnershipsInAction, an initiative dedicated to raising funds and awareness to fight global poverty.

With fundraising events held in 35 cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe, PartnershipsInAction has raised more than $112 million over the past 30 years. Funds raised support international development projects in health, education, clean water, rural development, and the strengthening of community organizations.

Where does my donation go?

100% of all proceeds go towards PartnershipsInAction. Specifically, donations go towards helping projects in these areas:

Where are these projects located?

These development projects span over 13 countries throughout Africa and Asia:

About Choose For Change


What is Choose For Change?

Choose For Change is a social movement working to end global poverty. Each person on the map has joined this movement with the belief that the end of poverty is possible. These changemakers have earned their spot on the map by either making a donation or raising awareness about the cause amongst their Facebook friends. All of the funds raised through Choose for Change go directly to poverty alleviation projects supported by PartnershipsInAction.

What is WPW?

What is PartnershipsInAction?

PartnershipsInAction is an initiative that raises awareness and funds for innovative programs that create hope and opportunity for disadvantaged communities in the developing world. With fundraising events held in 35 cities across the United States, Canada, and Europe, PartnershipsInAction has raised more than $112 million over the past 30 years. 100% of every dollar raised is invested directly in international development projects in Africa and Asia.


Why did we create Choose for Change?

We don't like poverty. And we know others that don't like poverty. We wanted to bring together everyone who believes that poverty can be eradicated. So we built Choose for Change, a map that shows where these people are from and what they believe in.

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How can I help?

You can help by adding yourself to the map. Join the hundreds of other passionate citizens who want to see the end of global poverty. You can add yourself to the map by donating to the cause or posting about it on Facebook. You can also help spread the word about Choose for Change - tell a friend, a loved one, or stranger about this initiative and why you believe in it.

100% towards WPW and projects

What's my impact?

100% of your donations — every single penny — goes towards the poverty reduction programs that PartnershipsInAction supports. Not a single penny is wasted on administration costs. Learn more about these projects.

Your Impact

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Issa has learned how to store grain to provide a year-round supply of food for his community and a more predictable income for his family.

In northern Mozambique, many communities deal with poverty, malnutrition and a lack of resources. These issues are being addressed with hands-on training and workshops that focus on farming skills, grain storage techniques and healthy eating. These educational programs help reduce malnutrition and increase family incomes.



Tabasum has used her new embroidery and product development skills to start a co-op and create jobs for other women.

In northern Pakistan, many young people struggle to find work in their chosen fields. Employment and leadership opportunities for the region’s young are provided by new initiatives that enable them to become employable leaders and active decision makers.



New programs focusing on parenting, daycare and pre-school have been created in some of the country’s poorest regions.

In Bangladesh, nearly half of all children leave school without completing their primary education. Early childhood programs are continuously being improved and made more accessible. Programs of this nature provide children with a head start on preparing for primary school and beyond and allow trained teachers to help children learn at an early age.



Abdul leads the bi-monthly meetings for his local savings group. Members borrow money for activities ranging from addressing household needs to more entrepreneurial ventures.

In northern Afghanistan, access to banking services is limited. Residents of poor and remote villages in this area received education in the form of training and support on how to run their own savings groups. Now they have access to loans that help them improve their businesses and the quality of life.



Kokilaben, a mother and member of the women’s organization, was amongst the women that were consulted and empowered to educate others about health and hygiene.

In Varshila village, the lack of latrines was a threat to sources of drinking water. The women, of the village, joined forces to plan and maintain a new sanitation system that now protects the water supply and provides sources of safe drinking water. This system has vastly improved the health of villagers by decreasing water-born diseases.

Egyptian Merchant


Mohamed was able to develop his lantern-making business through loans he received and recently opened a new shop in a busy tourist area.

In Cairo, modern business techniques are being used to revitalize the market for traditional crafts. Programs offering vocational training, alongside financial and business development services have been put into place. Loans and seed capital are being used to help entrepreneurs develop skills, grow their businesses, preserve their heritage and lift their families and communities out of poverty.

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